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Ylä-Satakunta newspaper has long roots, local newspaper called Parkanon Sanomat was established in June 1933. Pretty soon its name was changed to a Parkanon Seutu, and finally since 1942 it has been called Ylä-Satakunta.

Paper is published by a corporation called Ylä-Satakunnan Sanomalehti Ltd. It has about 135 shareholders, which are mostly individuals but also some companies and societies. City of Parkano and towns on Kihniö and Karvia are also shareholders. The board of corporation has six members from Parkano, three from Karvia and three from Kihniö. Personnel is formed of CEO/editor in chief, editors, layout artists, customer service and sales personnel, accountant and printer/concierge. Ylä-Satakunnan Sanomalehti Ltd is member of The Finnish Newspapers Association.

The main distribution areas are Parkano, Karvia and Kihniö. In all of these, Ylä-Satakunta is the most common newspaper. It is distributed in to about 70 % of households in Karvia, 80 % in Parkano and 80 % in Kihniö. Total distribution at the moment is a little bit more than 6000. Remarkable share of distribution goes outside of the main distribution area, even abroad.

Ylä-Satakunta cherishes honourable traditions of local newspapers in their purest forms. It publishes articles of small and great events and it is also a great part of peoples life in the area.